A few links to other food-related and/or Dublin guides…

Toastie of the Town – a well-written blog about an Irish pub dietary staple, the toastie. Written by animator & illustrator called Eoin Whelehan, this essential resource is already talk of the town having had a clever poster featured on Broadsheet a while back.


A Blog about Crisps – a blog that is as funny as it is incredibly important. Check out the Crisp Archive to see the 84 packets of crisps they’ve reviewed (listed by flavour) or their brilliant ‘Celebrity Interviews‘ page. Essential reading.


Great Shout For Stout – a site dedicated to finding the tastiest Guinness in Dublin. Run by two lads who have drank in most pubs in the city, have a simple but effective 5 Star system and most importantly have a Top 10 that they re-visit and keep up-to-date. It’s a prettily built site too – easy on the eyes! Go have a look – Great Shout For Stout.



Eat for a Fiver – a simple blog dedicated to finding tasty food for five euros or less. As the authors themselves explain: “The idea for this came from two things really. First, the appallingly high price we pay for food in cafes and restaurants in Ireland, often for mediocre fare, served gracelessly. Secondly, and related to the first reason, my experience of getting good value for food abroad, without having to look too hard”. Pop on over to the page for a visit – Eat for a Fiver.



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