My name is Mark. I live in Dublin, I like eating tasty food and I like (most) Best Of lists.

The idea for this blog has been in my mind for quite a while now. It all began with an idea to find the best burger in Dublin, but two things changed that. The first was a flirtation with vegetarianism that lead to me sleeping much better and feeling much healthier. (I now eat a little meat from time to time but haven’t cooked it at home in months and usually avoid it).

The second was an article in the Irish Times recommending L’As du Falafel as the best falafel restaurant in Paris. I was over there with my girlfriend so we went and found it. Typically the place was shut but across the road was another falafel joint that served us up the best falafel either of us had ever tasted. And so it began…


8 thoughts on “About

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    • Thanks for the encouragement Sam. It’s been a busy summer but I’ve a few reviews ready to go up over the next couple of weeks.

      Thanks for the link too – lots more falafel hunting to be done!

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  3. I just had a poor falafel today at Taste Cafe on South William St – really dry & tasteless (not to take from the food there generally as the place is awesome)! Another one for your hitlist should be the IFI in Temple bar.

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