IFI Cafe (Eustace St)

The IFI Cafe is an old favourite of mine. I like their wooden benches, having a pint before a film and their very tasty food. I’ve been in there a fair bit over the years and have enjoyed their goujons, chicken wings, huge nachos and burgers. In fact I’d rate their food pretty highly, so when I heard they had a falafel I was keen to get in their and see how it rated. Unfortunately it was a disappointing experience.

IFI Cafe

Flavour: 6.5/10 The falafel was nice but nothing special. It didn’t really have any strong taste and was a little bland. They were nicely cooked but just lacked a discernible flavour. They came on a plain white pita.

Fillings & Sauces: 6.5/10 The falafel came with a small side salad that had the tiniest squirt of salad dressing on it. The beetroot was delicious and the few tomatoes were nice too but a lot of the lettuce in the salad was bone dry like it had been sitting around for a while. The garlic aioli was fine. It too lacked any decent kick. Another sauce would’ve been really nice.

IFI Falafel

Presentation & Value: 6.5/10 The meal looked appetising without being anything special. And the same could be said for the price – it was €7.65 for the falafel and a small, unimaginative salad. That’s not cheap but not gonna break the bank either!

Overall Rating: 6.5/10 I was left feeling completely ‘meh’ about my IFI falafel experience. I don’t know if it was just a bad day – the place was busy with the Cafe booked out for a private gig (we ate in the foyer). I’ve eaten lovely meals in there before… Maybe falafel just isn’t their thing. Anyways, I tweeted my thoughts about it’s blandness and they replied apologising and asking what they could improve… Well – more taste in the falafel, more thought in the salad and maybe another sauce to compliment the aioli. Here’s hoping this was just an off day!

Website: http://www.ifi.ie/cafebar


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