Taste Food Company & Bistro Cafe (Sth William St)

I’d heard mixed reviews about Taste Cafe and wasn’t all that fussed about eating in there, which in hindsight, isn’t the most fair way to approach a review of somewhere, but it’s the truth. It was lunch time on a week day and town was sunny and jammed. I went in to get a table and the restaurant was completely full – a good sign! – so I came back 45mins later. I got a nice table down the back of the restaurant and ordered the falafel with chips and a cup of tea. I was starving.

Taste Shopfront

Flavour: 8.5/10 The falafels were really tasty. They make them on site and they were perfectly cooked – not over done but warm and crunchy all the same. There were lots of them too and each had a lovely blast of chickpea, corriander and sesame. Really nice falafel!

Fillings & Sauces: 8.5/10 I was surprised when I got stuck into the falafel that the main taste I got from it was Mexican! The wrap was full of deliciously fresh pico de gallo salsa – chopped tomatoes, white onion, lots of corriander, soem chillies and even a little garlic. It had a great zing to it and was perfectly offset by the tahini sauce. Added to the above was a small salad which was tasty (even if it contained my archnemesis – the black olive).

Taste Falafel

Presentation & Value: 7.5/10 The presentation was lovely. It looked as well as it tasted. The plate had been thought out and well served to look really appetising – even with the chips I shouldn’t have ordered! It was expensive though with €2 added on for chips (or a side salad) the total (not including my tea) was €10.50, which for a 1 plate lunch is too much in my eyes.

Overall Rating: 8/10 Taste surprised me and pleased me. I had a really nice lunch, some excellent flavours and served by friendly staff. The price will probably keep me away, but I’d still be interested by some of the other food on their menu. Worth a look, especially for the Mexican twist on the falafel, something I haven’t seen/tasted before, and that worked really well!

Website: http://www.tastecatering.ie


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