Fumbally Cafe (Fumbally Lane)

Of all the places I’ve been encouraged to try out, Fumbally Café is probably the one I’ve heard the most about. Between the design of the place, the staff that work there and the menu – it had been made out to be some sort of modern café paradise blending fashion, design, good food and a friendly welcome! In hindsight, I should’ve listened to people a lot sooner! I wasn’t certain where I was going but when I arrived, the café I walked into was open plan, warm and buzzing. People shared tables with strangers, there was some good music on and the room was alive. It immediately made me want to stay. After figuring out I’d be sharing a table, I went to order at the counter. The menu looked good and I was starving so I got a cup of soup and ordered the falafel plate. The guy misheard me and took for a falafel wrap, but I decided it’d probably be more than enough with the soup and some tea. Plus it saved me €2 (that I later spent on a bloody fantastic flapjack).

Fumbally Shopfront

Flavour: 10/10 The Fumbally falafels were absolutely delicious. Not overcooked, not too soft and full of lots of flavour – chickpea, sesame seeds, garlic and lots of herbs – each little ball (and there were lots of them) tasted amazingly. I am yet to taste a nicer falafel in Dublin. I spoke to one of the chefs afterwards and they said them make them in the cafe each week. She talked me through the ingredients and was genuinely delighted I’d enjoyed it. Next time I’m in there I’m going to try and blag the recipe! On an aside, the soup was equally perfect. Celeriac and apple with toasted walnut garnish. Yum!

Fillings & Sauces: 9.5/10 The falafel wrap was served with lots of fillings and four (!) types of sauces. Fresh cabbages, lettuce, cucumber, beetroot and tomatoes made up the juicy fillings and the sauces were tahini, tzatziki, a warm red chilli sauce and lashings of hummus! It made for a really tasty, messy and fresh wrap.

Fumbally Falalfel

Presentation & Value: 9/10 The presentation wasn’t special (I would imagine the falafel plate looks prettier) but it didn’t need to be with the flavour that followed. The wrap came on a nice wooden board and, well, wrapped, which helped given how juicy the warp was. In terms of value, it was amazing – an absolute steal at €5!! The plate was €7, so either option really is excellent.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10 This was the best falafel I have tasted in Dublin. And along with the taste, the amazing fillings, the freshness of everything I was served and the great value came a welcoming, well designed cafe with friendly staff. I won’t just be back, I’ll be back as often as I can.

Website: http://thefumbally.ie/


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