Beirut Express (Dame St)

A week ago now myself and my girlfriend went to Beirut Express on Dame Street to suss out their falafel. I arrived late, in a bit of panic, but stepped into a lovely and calm oasis of a restaurant, greeted and seated by a nice waitress. We were both starving and ordered the vegetarian menu for two which came in at €38 in total. It included a variety of starters, mains, some baklawa for desert and tea or coffee and was worth every penny. We left satisfied, having tasted lots of new combinations of flavours and  promised we’d be back soon, only with more people next time and maybe to try the meat and fish options. Anyway, back to the falafel.

BeirutExpress Shopfront

Flavour: 8/10 The falafel balls were crunchy and very tasty – lots of different flavours included chickpea, coriander, sesame seeds and more. They were served as part of our main and came with some thin freshly cooked wholegrain naan.

Fillings & Sauces: 8/10 The falafels came served with hummus with a little chili powder and some fresh chickpeas garnishing is and was delicious. There was a small amount of chopped red onion, lots of fresh coriander, some pickled vegetable and a few slices of tomato. A generous bowl of tahini cam with it too.

BeirutExpress Falafel

Value and Presentation: 7/10 Everything was served in traditional earthenware dishes or various shapes and sizes which was a very nice touch. The portions were a decent size too and the garnishes looked appetising, not forced. As for value, well for our meal overall we felt it was very good but for the falafel main course the cost was €10.90, not the cheapest of vegetarian options.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10 Perhaps it was that the starters and the vegetable moussaka that made up the other half of our main were so good. Perhaps it was the little lack of spiciness to counter the hummus. Perhaps it was the very small amount of salad and fillings. Whatever it was, the overall rating left a little to be desired. Don’t get me wrong – these are good falafels, they’re just not great falafels! I’ll be back though, the rest of the meal was very, very memorable.

On an aside, they do BYOB with a very cheap corkage (which we didn’t know until we overheard a neighbouring table!).



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