Zaytoons (Lower Camden St)

Zaytoons Persian Cuisine restaurant has for a long time been regarded as one of the best kebab shops in Dublin. Indeed, very few rival it with only Kebabish and Keyif springing to my mind. In 2001 they opened their doors in the centre of Temple Bar (Parliament St) with the lofty goal of ‘returning the poor down-trodden and much maligned kebab back to the meal that it is across the middle east’ and quickly showed Dublin that the late night kebabs we ate weren’t a patch on the fresh Taftoon (Persian flatbread) and freshly cooked and served kebabs on offer in Zaytoons. However, until very recently they have never sold falafels, instead offering vegetarian or fish (skewered salmon) kebabs for non-meat eaters. That has now changed, so in I went over the weekend to see how the falafel stood up to what else was on offer in Dublin.

I went to the Camden Street Zaytoons as it’s easier for me to get to. It looks sort of rammed in between two other buildings but inside it’s big and comfortable. They even had a waitress serving tables, which isn’t something I’ve seen before in there. There were also lots of tourists there, possibly because of how popular it is on TripAdvisor


Flavour: 8.5/10 Much like over at Ephesus, the falafel was made up of small falafel rings – like mini-donuts. They were absolutely delicious (again), if slightly overcooked this time around. They were served on what makes Zaytoons excellent, in my opinion, the freshly-baked flatbread or Taftoon as it’s known! Warm, doughy but thin and full of flavour, you could probably eat it on its own! Despite the delicious flavour, the falafels are most likely bought elsewhere (given they are the exact same as the ones in Ephesus) but I didn’t get a chance to ask. Will report back once I find out! On an aside, I ordered chips with mine and they were cold, as in they’d been sitting there for 5mins at least. They replaced them and apologised profusely.

Fillings & Sauces: 9.5/10 I was called to the counter as they added sauce to the falafel to be asked what I’d like –  a nice touch. The red, light chili sauce was already on the falafel and to it I added everything but olives –  fresh tomatoes, less fresh lettuce, red onions, red cabbage and some fresh chillis (which I regretted and had to remove!). Garlic sauce added as well and it was delicious! Close to perfect…


Presentation & Value: 9/10 The presentation was very good. Laid out on the flatbread and carefully put together so as to actually look appealing, the falafel looked delicious. In terms of value, it was very good – €6 for the falafel alone or €8.50 for a meal (chips and water/soft drink). Given how good the bread is, I’d recommend avoiding chips – not needed at all.

Overall Rating: 9/10 So much about this meal was spot on – the flavours, the bread, the venue and the value – the one thing I’m not sure about is why they don’t make their own falafel. Hopefully I’m wrong and the falafel rings are home made but it doesn’t look that way. That said, top marks across the board makeds this a must for falafel lovers…



2 thoughts on “Zaytoons (Lower Camden St)

  1. Had lunch there today but didnt see Falafel on the menu, so I ordered fries. After that my friends told me they actually had Falafel. So I cam here to see if youd lready written about it and after seeing your rating Im definitely gonna have the Falafel next time!

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