Staple Foods (Merchants Arch)

Staple Foods is a new little place nestled into the heart of Temple Bar in Merchants Arch. It’s a bright, warm and welcoming cafe/coffee shop with an emphasis on healthy food, fresh salads and tasty coffee. The owner made my falafel and he was a friendly and open guy, eager to chat about the place and the food/drink on offer. Only 2 months old, the business has attracted a lot of positive reviews and looks to be doing well.

StapleFoods Shopfront

Flavour: 7/10 The falafel itself was tasty. Made freshly that morning and with good chickpea and various herbs coming through, it was nice falafel. However, there wasn’t much of it and I found it a little difficult to find under all the other bits. It lacked any crunch and sort of crumbled apart, but that’s due to it being baked rather than fried – healthier!

Fillings & Sauces: 8.5/10 Every bite was absolutely drenched in tastiness. The hummus was delicious and the baby spinach a perfect match for the slaw on top. The slaw threatened to steal the show – a carrot, apple and cranberry slaw with some sunflower seeds for good measure. The falafel was served on a multi-grain roll, which is a first for me! I’m a big fan of this type of bread and apparently it’s delivered freshly each day from just across the river. I can imagine falafel purists being less happy… One criticism – I’d have liked another sauce with the hummus to give the meal a bit more kick!

StapleFoods Falafel

Presentation & Value: 7.5/10 The presentation was simple and clean – a bowl with brown paper and the falafel sitting in it. Not inspirational but nice and tidy! And in terms of value, it was very good – €6 for the falafel and I sat in and ate it there. The place is well designed and there’s some good reading materials too…

Overall Rating: 7.5/10 I really enjoyed the venue, my chat to the owner and the taste of the roll, the slaw and the hummus. My only real complaint is that there wasn’t enough of the main ingredient, namely the falafel. If I’d had a bit more falafel to work with this would’ve got an 8. Still, I’d recommend their salads, the coffee smelled perfectly and it’s a really nice place. Give it a look!


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