Felafel and Kebab (Essex St)

Felafel and Kebab is a colourful little place bang in the heart of Temple Bar on Essex Street. I noticed it just a few days after I began this blog and have since been recommended to check it out by a few of the readers on here. So a few days back I wondered in one afternoon. It’s a clean, bright and open restaurant/cafe with a nice feel to it – shishas in the window, which you can smoke outside on the street, and some Mediterranean artwork on the walls. There’s a lot to chose from on the menu with 8 different types of falafel on offer – yes you read that right – 8! Theres the Greek falafel with hummus and garlic sauce or the Palestinian falafel with rocket, tomatoes, tabouleh, hummus and chili sauce – they even have an American falafel with chips and cheese! I chose the ‘Original’, served with cabbage, red cabbage, tomatoes, hummus, chili sauce and garlic sauce and sat by the window, watching the world roll by.

FalafelandKebab Shopfront

Flavour: 7/10 Pretty tasty, very fresh, homemade but just not up there with some of the other ones I’ve had. Cooked perfectly too so no complaints there, they just didn’t pack a wallop of taste.

Fillings & Sauces: 8/10 Simple but full of flavour. Both the red chili sauce and the white garlic sauce actually tasted of their ingredients, adding a lot to the dish. The hummus was lovely too and all the other ingredients were crisp. The bread was incredible – fresh naan, still really warm and doughy.

FelafelandKebab Felafel

Presentation & Value: 8/10 The plate looked nice and appetising, if unspectacular. That said it’s not a restaurant so much as a kebab shop/cafe, so I wasn’t expecting a piece of art! Simplicity works too. In terms of bang for your buck it’s up there with the best – €5.00 for a felafel, €7.50 for a meal.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10 I really liked the place, the staff, the menu and the felafel but it was lacking something. I feel like I’m being snobby or unfair, but I just don’t think it was as nice as the 8s I’ve eaten in, let a lone the 9s. I’ll definitely be back and kudos to them for the variety of falafel – yet to see that anywhere!

Website: http://falafelandkebab.blogspot.ie


5 thoughts on “Felafel and Kebab (Essex St)

  1. I used to be a regular here. The staff are soooo nice and they remembered my order every time I went in! So friendly! However the last time I went, I found a piece of meat in my salad 😦 and now I just can’t stomach it anymore just in case. That said, the food is amazing and I really love the staff 🙂

    • Hi, falafel & kebab here… Sorry to hear we lost you but we have now ensured all of our utensils are used separately for vegetarian foods and meat. All of our staff work in accordance with this.. We hope you will come back soon…

  2. I’m working in the city centre at the moment so I’ve had more chances to try fafafel places on a regular basis. Lunch is only an hour and I’m based in St. Stephen’s Green so choices are slightly limited (i.e. I wouldn’t be able to make to Ephesus on Capel St. etc. and back).

    Fore terms of value, I really don’t think you can beat ‘Felafel and Kebab’, For 4.50e, you can get an excellent falafel wrap. That’s anytime from 12-5. For only a euro extra you can have it with freshly baked bread.

    6e seems to be more or less the norm elsewhere and I do also like dropping into Staple Food (for a really different falafel – multigrain roll, carrot, apple etc.) and Umi Falafel (as I really like the space). Both places are 6e.

    Zaytoon on Parliament St. I’ll have to try next as I assume (judging by your post on their other branch) that they’re doing falafel now too.

    Cedar Tree falafel wraps are a fiver but I was never really blown away by them.

    • I’m back already. Went to Zaytoon on Parliament St. for lunch.

      Falafel isn’t listed on the menu but they definitely have it.

      For six euro (!), you get a falafel wrap on nice bread (Taftoon as you mentioned) with tomatoes/lettuce/red onions/red cabbage, a bowl of chips and a drink. This is the lunch deal from 12-3 where if you order any main you get a free chips + drink. So it’s an absolute bargain.

      Service was great and it’s the perfect location for sitting at a window and watching the world go by.


      The falafel really wasn’t anything as nice as what you get at Umi/Falafel & Kebab etc. Not fresh and slightly overdone. To be honest, the chips weren’t particularly amazing either.

      It’s kind of a catch 22. Chips, falafel and a drink is a bargain for six quid but the chips do sorta ruin the idea of trying to have a healthy(ish) meal.

      On my way back to work, I spotted that Beruit Express have 4.90 falafel wraps on their lunch menu so will have to try them next. 🙂

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