Keshk (Mespil Road)

Technically speaking this was my second visit to Keshk on Mespil Road, but I’d been in their restaurant on Leeson Street before they moved, so I know what the place is like. This time I was on my own and it was 1pm on a Monday. The place was almost full (downstairs wasn’t open) and loud, with around 30 diners in for the lunch rush. I took a seat and ordered the falafel on the Vegetarian Dishes section of the menu, which seemed pretty extensive. Described as ‘healthy Mediterranean food’ almost everything on the menu appealed and having been with a group before, I can vouch for a lot of their dishes.

Keshk Shopfront

Flavour: 9/10 These were some of the best falafel balls I’ve tasted. They were cooked perfectly, tasted of spices, chickpea & herbs and were complimented by the sesame seeds on each one. The hummus, tehini and salad all added to their tastiness. The only thing missing was a hot kick of spice.

Fillings & Sauces: 9/10 With the plate of falafel came a simple side salad with fresh lettuce, tomato, carrot and some red onion. Each falafel was covered in tahini and on the side was a small dish of delicious hummus. I could’ve eaten it all day! Fresh pitta rounded off the generous portion.

Keshk Falafel

Presentation & Value: 10/10 As you can see in the photo, thought and effort went into how the food was presented. The dish looked as nice as it tasted and everything was piping hot, ready to be eaten. In terms of value it was superb – €8.95 for a sit down main in a restaurant is practically unheard of, especially when the portion size was as impressive as what I was served.

Overall Grade: 9/10 Up there with Damascus Gate, Keshk is a restaurant I’ll be going back to again and again. The 2 staff were polite and efficient despite dealing with a full restaurant, and the place was warm and comfortable. Most importantly the falafel was pretty much perfect. The only slight issue I had was the lack of spicy punch but every other area was spot on. Highly recommended!



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