Against the Grain (Wexford St)

Against the Grain is a lovely pub. I’m a big fan of it’s sister pub, The Cottage in Salthill, Galway, where I used to eat and drink a lot when I studied down there. When Against the Grain opened it drew in a lot of my friends with its massive beer list, friendly staff and board games. I’ve eaten there a few times but never had the falafel, and to tell the truth forgot it was on their menu until a friend recommended it – the very same veggie friend who suggested Sultan. It being a ‘gastropub’ as opposed to many of the other places I’ve been in, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but a very friendly barman and a nice clean table were a good beginning. I got the menu and had a glance for the falafel – turns out they were now offering a Falafel Burger, something I’ve not had before. I was intrigued, if a little worried it would be ruined by a bread bun.

ATG Shopfront

Flavour: 7/10 The falafel was very tasty – crunchy on the outside and hot and soft on the inside. It was moist too, no dry crap here.  The bun was a toasted bread bun, it was fresh but I much prefer it with a wrap or naan. The chunky chips served with it were amazing – perfectly cooked and piping hot.

Fillings & Sauces: 7/10 Nothing spectacular but a really simple and fresh aioli sauce with some freshly chopped coriander, some lettuce and some  tomato. Simple but well made.

ATG Falafel

Presentation & Value: 7/10 Again, simple but effective presentation. The falafel burger cost €10.50, which isn’t cheap but given the venue it’s not exactly break the bank stuff either. It was lunch however and I reckon the wrap they used to serve was probably a lot cheaper.

Overall grade: 7/10 Really friendly staff and a very tasty falafel but perhaps the burger element and the expense would put me off. That said, I’ll be back to eat there again – the menu looked good and apparently they do good 3 course specials. Worth another look for sure.

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