Damascus Gate (Upper Camden St)

Damascus Gate is the first falafel restaurant I’ve stumbled upon (as opposed to planned on going to). I was cycling through town and saw it up at the top of Upper Camden Street, parked the bike and went in for a look/taste. It’s more of ‘proper’ restaurant than any of the other places reviewed thus far on this site. There’s a nice outdoor terrace, music to match the cuisine and beautiful decor. The staff were exceptionally friendly and attentive which is always nice!

Damascus Gate Shop Front

Flavour: 9/10. The falafel was extremely fresh, served with hummus and a salad. It was crunchy, tasty and hot. The naan came later than the main plate but was also lovely and warm, if a little small. (I was offered more falafel and naan later in the meal!).

Filling & Sauces: 8/10. Just the one sauce – a lovely garlic sauce drizzled over each falafel ball. I would’ve loved more of it and/or a second flavour to dip into. The plate was covered with accompliments though – a crunchy salad with mixed peppers, cherry tomatoes, lettuce and a serving of hummus, not to mention a delicious tabbouleh salad.

Damascus Gate FalafelPresentation & Value: 8/10. There’s no faulting the presentation as the above photo shows. The plate was amazing to look at with obvious effort gone into how it looks. The cost however, wasn’t cheap. Admittedly it is a restaurant and I sat down, was waited on and waited on very well too. However, for a lunch falafel plate €11 seems a little steep to me.

Overall grade: 8/10. I left Damascus Gate wondering what the rest of the menu would be like – in a very positive way! The falafel was delicious, the waiters were friendly and attentive and the restaurant was not like somewhere you;d expect to walk into in Dublin. I’ll be back here, but next time I’ll be probably go for a menu meal for the better value!

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Damascus-Gate-Restaurant/438903772847704


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