Sultan (Georges St.) – GONE!

Sultan has been renovated and re-opened. It is now ‘The Lebanese Chef’. I will get in there soon!


A vegetarian friend of mine suggested I visit Sultan on Georges Street when I told her about my falafel hunting plans. So, before a film in the IFI and admittedl;y, in a bit of a rush I dropped in to see what the place was about. Much like Mezza the restaurant doesn’t look like much from the outside, if anything it looks a bit dated  and run down. When we came in we were greeted by the guy behind the counter with big smiles and some offbeat humour that made ordering more difficult than anything, but the attempt was nice!

Sultan ShopfrontFlavour: 8/10. The falafel was in a hot and soft naan bread that had been wrapped up in paper, almost like the tinfoil around a burrito. It was really fresh and tasted deliciously. Perhaps one small complaint was that there wasn’t enough sauce, making the first bite or two a bit dry but once we got into the middle it was excellent.

Fillings & Sauces: 5/10. Disappointing given the rest. A little lettuce and some tomato was about all in terms of filling and despite asking for everything, the only sauce we could taste was the garlic. No chili bite to this falafel.

Sultan Falafel

Presentation & Value: 7/10. Wrapped up in paper but expertly rolled and as the photo shows, a nice bowl for my (delicious) side of chips this time! The value was very impressive – just €7.50 for a meal €5 for a falafel on its own.

Overall Grade: 7/10. A big improvement on the first place I tasted and particularly memorable for it’s freshness and value.


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